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False Standards

This story is true involving three friends of mine. Charles was building a house and was trying to do as much work himself as he could. Over several days, the three were hanging siding. Charles and Udale were on scaffolds nailing the siding, and Lewie was on the ground handling the miter saw. One morning, […]

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Yeah, Whatever

Pop radio is full of ideas for articles.  Here are the lyrics to a song recorded by Hot Chelle Rae: It’s been a really, really messed up week, Seven days of torture, seven days of bitter, And my girlfriend went and cheated on me, She’s a California dime but it’s time for me to quit […]

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The Value of Gold

Gold is one of the most valuable metals on Earth. Over the centuries, gold has been the currency of the world. Gold jewelry is highly valued. Electric contacts made of gold are very conductive. Today the price of gold is $1,291.90 per ounce. Now, here’s some interesting math: The “average” gold mine yields 3 ounces […]

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A Few Words on Acts

Much class-time on Acts is spent on baptism, and well spent it is. Baptism is an important subject in the New Testament that needs to be understood thoroughly so we can teach unbelievers its necessity. (1 Pet 3:15) But baptism is not central to the Book of Acts. A whole lot of class time is […]

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Mimi’s Pitcher

Many years ago in my misspent youth, my grandmother brewed tea in a white enameled pitcher.  There’s no telling how old that pitcher was, and the tea she made would fill several railroad cars.  Over the years, the inside of that pitcher turned brown.  The outside was pretty, but no cleaner could clean the inside […]

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